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Hawaii State Licensed

Master Esthetician Instructor

Certified Master Lash Extension Educator/TrainER

15 years of eyelash extension Educator/Training

20 years Esthetician Educator/Trainer


Member of:

NEESA - National Eyelash Education & Safety Association

BAALA - Be An Amazing Lash Artist

Retains the following Certificates

Certified Amazing Lash Artist - Lash Mastery group

Certified Lash Master Educator - Lash Mastery group

Certified Volume Lash Extension Stylist - Lash Academy

Offering Certified Private and Group Training Online and in Person working with Covid precautions

Continued support only a text away

Need to know:

All participants must understand all lash training will teach you the basics you will need to make the time to practice and make what you learn your own.

Who can partake in this workshop?

In the State of Hawaii this training is open to anyone interested for self knowledge, to explore the possibility to offer Eyelash Extensions as a service, with the intention to pursue an Esthetcian, Cosmetologist or Barbers License.

Where can I find detailed information:

Each State Board has a set of Rules and Regulations. Contact your State Board of Cosmetology.

It is the participants responsibility to obtain and understand this information.

Any details for the State of Hawaii?

In the State of Hawaii Eyelash Extension services are covered under Estheticians, Cosmetologist and Barbers Licenses. One of these licensing is required to offer eyelash extension services to the public as a business in a salon, spa approved at home business.

Does a participant need to attend training for eyelash extensions, held only at Esthetician, Cosmetology or Barber School ?

Not in the State of Hawaii, as The State Of Hawaii Does not offer a Eyelash Extension "Licensing Program" at the moment.

It is just a marketing concept for specific schools and beauty institutes.

Any workshop held anywhere and also hand out Certificates of Attendance in the State of Hawaii which simply verifies you have attended an eyelash extension workshop.

Where are trainings available in the the State of Hawaii?

Training are available with visiting product lines as well as local workshops.

Resource your Educators Background and Experience.

Also available on-line.

Many opportunities for all, select what best suits your needs.

Bottom Line:

In the State of Hawaii Eyelash Extension services are covered under Estheticians, Cosmetologist and Barbers Licenses. One of these licensing is required to offer eyelash extension services to the public and as a business, salon spa State Board of Cosmetology approved for a home business.


Karen Marie is an Amazing Trainer and Mentor! I am truly thankful for her expertise in lashing and her hands-on approach to teaching. If you are looking for the best one on one training out there, then Karen Marie is your answer!

There’s so much I can say about this Academy...

Karen-Marie was very accommodating with my schedule and due to having kids I had to space my training apart. I took her private courses in July & August for both Classic & Volume Eyelash Extensions.. I flew from American Samoa just to go Eyelash Extensions Hawaii Academy of Lash Designing on a leap of faith, and it was amazing! Very detailed, full of information from What eyelash extensions are, to sanitation, application, etc.. she’s very humble and always took the time to answer any questions that I had.. lots of hands on practice, tons of information for you to take home, and till this day if I need help or just have any questions about anything in this business she’s always there to help! If I ever need a refresher course I am definitely coming back!

Thank you!!

Karen-Marie is absolutely THE BEST. She trains with such patience, wisdom and positive motivation. Being from the Big Island and choosing her private course, she made the process so convenient and met all my needs. My experience was filled with so much knowledge and hands on learning, which made the learning process an enjoyable and understandable one! I left excited, motivated and wanting to learn even more!

Priscilla Ilae

5 Star

After a long search of looking for an experienced lash trainer, I am very satisfied with the one time private training Karen had offered to me. Her technique is very thorough and understanding. She is open to answering any questions I had during training, and assists me with any help as needed . Learning from her has made me feel very confident and ready to take on more training with her to excel my skills in the beauty industry.

LeeJay Fernandez

4/5 Star

At The Color Bar - 46-018 Kamehameha Hwy #205 Kaneohe 96744

It is with great pleasure to share my positive training experience with Karen-Marie Eyelash Extensions Hawaii Academy of Lash Designing!

With Karen’s years of experience & one on one private training offered, I was able to gain a lot from her training classes. She is passionate & very knowledgeable. Very detailed in the procedures & technique of lashing. She’s Available even after the training sessions were complete to answer any questions or to assist. I will continue to seek her for any future training as my journey continues.