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Facials on hold due to covid precautions

Deluxe Signature Facial Treatment

For Men and Women

Includes Micro Dermabrasion and or Chemical peel.

Recommended as a monthly maintenance treatment.

This cycle of cell production and replacement slows as we age.

It takes about

Infants 3—5 days

19-21 14-21 days

30-40 28-45 days

40-50 slows down 45-60 days

50+ 60-90 days

As renewal process slows, dead cells accumulate on the surface of skin causing dull, youth less sagging and collapse of structure or what we see as lines, wrinkles, and deeper folds.

Bacteria can become trapped causing blemishes and breakouts. Discolored and irregular cells can also become trapped causing spots, discoloration, and sometimes more serious skin conditions.

Preparation for Holiday events and parties takes more then extensions and a singular facial. Monthly facials with a combination of micro dermabrasion, chemical peels, facial massage, specialty masks and a home care regime will bring forward your best skin into the New Year.